Baile Herculane lies in the southwest of Romania on the European route 70, framed by the western foothills of the Carpathians, the Domoglet Mountains.
Parts of the Domoglet with over 2500 protected plants are nature reserves. Here you can go on wonderful hikes and enjoy the fauna and flora.
The Cerna, a mountain brook with its source in the Retezat national park, after leaving about 80 km of wild romantic scenery behind it, flows trough Baile Herculane to join the Danube after another 20 km.
Because of its different sulphurous thermal springs, which have been famous for over 2000 years, Baile Herculane is well-known far beyond the borders of Romania.
The therapeutic effect of the springs is useful for sufferers from: chronic rheumatism, illnesses of the respiratory tract and metabolic illnesses.
During Austro-Hungarian monarchy Baile Herculane reached its high peak, to which the buildings constructed in Baroque, Neoclassical and Art Nouveau styles still preserved today, bear witness.
With its therapeutic springs, the unique environment, the Mediterranean climate, the buildings and the inhabitants Baile Herculane is the ideal place for the recuperation of body, spirit and soul.